Who are the Alberta Beer Girls?

Women of all ages that enjoy a night out to enjoy craft beer, snacks, and some fun discussions about the rapidly growing craft beer industry. You don't have to be a beer expert to join the festivities—you only need to be up for some good times, with even better people.


Are the events just for women?

Yes, we prefer to be an environment where we can feel comfortable, to relax and to get a bit silly.


Can I bring my kids?

Unfortunately no, we want it to be a night out with the girls! 


How do I buy a ticket?

Through Eventbrite—please visit our Events page for more information and a link to buy a ticket.


How often are events?

Alberta Beer Girl events are monthly. 


Are there events outside of Edmonton?

Not yet, but we are expanding into Calgary in March of 2017. Please visit our Events page for more information. Let us know if you want to see an Alberta Beer Girls event at your city! Email: amanda@albertabeergirls.ca


How long are the events?

The events run for about 3 hours, depending on the venue and discussion. We encourage you to hang out after and enjoy the evening—sometimes we do have an after-party at a different venue.


Where are the events held?

They move all over the city—restaurants, breweries and community hall spaces to suite events best.


Are the events the same every time?

We have a similar structure but the discussion about beer changes monthly with what beer we are featuring and where we are being hosted. We are known to throw in a couple surprises too!


How many Alberta Beer Girls attend each event?

We average 50 ladies per event—there are some events that will have more depending on the venue and special events.


Can I volunteer at the events?

Yes, we would love to have you volunteer! There are various positions at each event, please email us for more information: amanda@albertabeergirls.ca


Where can I buy Alberta Beer Girls Merchandise?

At events of course, but we do have an upcoming merchandise page where you can buy online. You can also email us and we can arrange it: amanda@albertabeergirls.ca


Is it cash only at events?

The ticket covers the samples at the event and most spaces will have an ATM on location. We now provide interac and credit card purchases for Merchandise.


Alberta Beer Girls is also available for private events, education seminars and event planning. Please contact Amanda@albertabeergirls.ca


Alberta Beer Girls asks you to please drink responsibly at all events and please don't drink and drive.