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About Alberta Beer Girls

Founded in November 2016 by the original Alberta Beer Girl, Amanda Smerychynski—we're a women-only event-based, organization devoted to beer enthusiasts. Our monthly get-togethers are the perfect opportunity to: learn about and sample all kinds of craft beers, nosh on tasty food, and socialize with some cool, like-minded ladies. From obscure IPA's to lengendary lagers—we know and love beer! We're proud to bring Alberta women together to help them enjoy the finer points of beer appreciation.

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About Amanda

Meet Amanda Smerychynski, founder of ‘Alberta Beer Girls’. Born and bred in a small Alberta farming town helped instill Amanda with fierce determination and down to earth approachability. Her vast craft beer knowledge has been cultivated through two decades of eventful service in the hospitality sector. Over that time she has become widely respected as one of the few female leaders in the Alberta beer brewing industry. She knows what first class professional service is all about and always goes the extra mile to make sure her clients get the best she has to offer. Generous with her time and even more so with her knowledge nothing satisfies Amanda more then sharing her love of a cold brew with her Alberta sisters.



But wait, we have more to offer

Our main focus are our Alberta Beer Girl events but with increasing demand we have expanded to offer the following options:

  • Event planning services
  • Private tasting events
  • Experienced tasting servers for your events
  • Stag and Stagettes
  • Rehearsal dinners
  • Corporate team building events
  • Menu consultation
  • Industry staff training
  • Educational seminars

For more information, please contact us and we would be happy to chat with you!


See what we've brewed up.

Want to wear our movement? Nothing would make us prouder. Alberta Beer Girls is proud to offer a fun assortment of attire and glassware. While we will be selling items through the website in the future for now you can get your hands on our merchandise at any of our events with new items on offer all the time. You can also order by giving us a shout at and letting us know what you’d like.